Tuesday 23 June 2009

Harvey Nichols Windows, London

These windows are probably the best and certainly the most fun windows currently in London. These are the windows of Harvey Nichols - produced under the direction of the Creative Director Janet Wardley, who incidentally is also probably one of the nicest people in the industry.
I was quite mesmerised at this eclectic mix of flying pigs, out sized glittery lips, wooden dog toys, mannequins riding Bananas, inflatables, just about every angle of perspective view considered and cartoon-like narratives with huge doses of humour. It was also a pleasure to see the likes of Rootsteins Diane Brill make an appearance next to more contemporary collections of Mannequins. The quality of presentation was extremely sharp. I cannot under estimate the amount of work that has gone into these windows and after a tiring day, on seeing this, I felt quite uplifted - I also felt the urge to share more images than I normally would, I hope they do the windows justice.

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