Friday 26 June 2009

Dramatic Lighting - Moby in Concert

As part of student's research, one of the areas that I always suggest looking at for inspiration are live concerts. Theatre, Newspapers, Exhibitions, Animation, Sound, Music and live events (to name just a few) provide enormous amounts of inspiration for ideas whether in Commercial Spaces or product presentation. I try to see as much of these as my time allows and record these ideas as primary research. Having amassed over many years a vast collection of primary visual information, I use this whenever I feel the need to be cleansed and motivated.
I managed to record the lighting here at the concert itself which I may use as inspiration for a future idea - the sound has been deleted with respect to the artist and to avoid any possible copyright infringement. Unfortunately the quality is not perfect although its purpose is to act more of an aid memoir rather than a crystal cut recording.

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