Tuesday 18 May 2010

Stella McCartney, London

"Every man a Rembrandt" proclaimed the Craft Master paint-kit following on from Max S. Klein, owner of the Palmer Paint Company and the original inventor of Painting by Numbers in the 1950's. Here the visual team have used the concept to form the back drop to the product displayed with White sprayed headless mannequins. There was quite a resurgence of these kits in the early 1990's although they seemed to have faded into the background again, at least temporarily. This is possibly the best window scheme from this company that I have seen and it is also something I don't remember seeing previously in other commercial spaces before. The concept has also been further developed with the word YES placed at the centre of the image - its not quite clear what the relevance of this is? Anyway, I feel that this concept perhaps would have worked better as a series of visual images, perhaps as used in department stores, but thankfully this brand got there first, so too late now I guess.

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