Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Iconome, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Iconome

Wow, have you seen this yet?  We have to say, this is one of the biggest leaps in the use of mannequins we have ever seen in the history of figures in retail and a sign of how the future of our retail experience will become ever more technology based.  The technological based company Iconome have launched its VMBeacon based mannequins across several established UK brands which enables us as the customer to receive details of the products worn by the mannequins in a store window via your smartphone (once you download the app of course).  What this also does is to allow the user to find out more information about the products and access different offers, rewards and so on.  This is such an exciting development and so visionary that we just had to share this with you.

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  1. This kind of brings a whole new meaning to the term window shopping!

    Just wanted to say that I recently became a visual merchandising assistant and find your blog so inspiring. I work for debenhams and loved your post on one of our old denim windows, it's really nice to see that some of the things we do get really positive feedback!

    Really love this blog!


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